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Astronomical Observations

Here are some of my recent observations made with the Astronomical Society of Kansas City's 30" F4.5 Newtonian Reflector at Powell Observatory in Louisburg, KS. You will find I am mostly interested in observing galaxies. Right now it's Arp Peculiar Galaxies. I also observe occasionally with a 13" F4.5 Odyssey and a homemade 10" F5. For planets and the moon I frequently use my C90. When I do astrophotography I use my LX200 10" and shot piggyback with a telephoto 210mm or through the C90. It doesn't matter what kind of scope you use, there's lots to see on "ANY CLEAR NIGHT". Get out there with your telescope, observe, and draw them!

The photos shown with the observing notes below are actually downloaded from The STScl Digitized Sky Survey and are not ones I took unless so designated. The name of the object is followed by its magnitude estimate, size, description and RA and DEC coordinates.

Arp113 NGC 0070 14.5 1.4' X 1.2' SA(rs)c III 00h18m22s +30d04m

UTC 0455 092997 Powell Observatory

Actually seven galaxies in the field. Near a bright triangle. Tim saw too.

Image coutesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

Arp278 NGC 7253A 13.6 1.7' X 0.5' SB? 22h19m26s +29d23m
Arp278 NGC 7253B 14.2 1.6' X 0.5' S? 22h19m29s +29d23m

UTC 0210 092997 Powell Observatory

Located in midst of triangle of stars. Looks like an exclaimation point. Long narrow band of light going into a dimmer band oriented cross wise to the first, almost like the capital letter "T". Roger Gruenke also saw it. Tim Landreth and Ron Turley also saw it.

Image courtesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

Arp150 NGC 7609 14.1 1.3' X 1.1' Pec 23h19m29s +09d30m
Arp150 NGC 7609A 15.0 Sc irr 23h19m31s +09d30m

UTC 0246 092997 Powell Observatory

Tim Landreth and I saw the main galaxy easily, but the faint companion was more difficult. Looked like an ambersand @ .

Image courtesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

Arp212 NGC 7625 12.1 1.6' X 1.5' SA(rs)a pec 23h20m30s +17d13m

UTC 0324 092997 Powell Observatory

Looks like a oval with strong central condensed core. Almost circular. Faint dust lane reminds one of M64, the black eye. Bright star nearby.

Photo courtesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

Arp182 NGC 7674 13.2 1.1' X 1.0' SA(r)bc pec 23h27m56s +08d46m
Arp182 UGC 12608 13.6 0.2' X 0.2' SBb 23h27m58s +08d46m

UTC 0350 092997 Powell Observatory

Two galaxies form an equilateral triangle with a dim field star. One somewhat elongated. other condensed. The elongated one is actually the two named galaxies and the other is a neighboring elliptical.

Photo courtesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

Arp68 NGC 7757 12.7 2.5' X 1.8' SAB(rs)c 23h48m45s +04d10m

UTC 0401 092997 Powell Observatory

Very diffuse, but relatively large oval in a line with two stars. Very little central condensation. Almost no contrast with the background. Reminds me of what M33 looks like in small binos. Tim also observed.

Photo courtesy of STScl Digital Sky Survey.

Arp323 NGC 7783 13.0 1.3' X 0.6' S0^0: sp 23h54m10s +00d22m
Arp323 NGC 7783B 14.0 0.4' X 0.3' S0 23h54m12s +00d22m

UTC 0416 092997 Powell Observatory

Narrow edge on next to a star. Boosting magnification makes two galaxies appear in a line with each other. Tim also observed. Photo courtesy of STScl Digitized Sky Survey.

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