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Welcome to our web site!

Flodot is just hatching out and we hope you will come back often as the site grows and changes.

Flodot is a partnership of friends who love geocaching and geocoins.  We like to share our love with all our geocaching friends.
Geocaching is so much fun.  It is all about finding treasure boxes hidden in cool places using just a GPS reciever and the coordinates for the geocache from the webpage.
The general idea is to sign the log with your witty family friendly comments.  Trade something of equal value.  Grab or discover any travel bugs or geocoins if you can help them fulfill their mission.
But probably the best thing to find in a geocache is a geocoin.  These are really cool.  There are all kinds shapes and sizes of geocoins and they are all awesome.
If you find a geocoin you should log it out and move it along like a travel bug and not be rude and just keep it or worse forget to log it.  Other more conscientious geocachers will be running out there looking for it and will be pretty upset if it is not there.  You will probably get yelled at if they find out you took it and just didn't log it.
Anyway the best way to get a geocoin is to buy one from FLODOT.  We will sell it to you and you can keep it.  You could activate it and take it to an event and let people discover it.  They would get a cool icon on their profile page for that geocoin.  It is like a merit badge in the Boy Scouts.  Lots of people like to collect icons.  You will be very popular if you are the one with the geocoins they can discover.  You will be everyone's friend.
So check it out and look around for where we will be or just cruise right over to our store and buy whatever you want and get it RIGHT NOW, or as soon as the mail gets there.  We will mail it to you immediately.

If you don't have much money, that's cool.  We trade for stuff.  Make us an offer.  Or you can check out the bargain bin we put the coins we are just tired of lookin at and want to get rid of cheap.  They are good coins just hard to sell so we are practically givin' them away.  You should check it out.
Just remember whatever you decide to do we guarantee you will be happy.  We believe in service and will make you squeel like a happy little piggy with the way we treat you. 

We just love geocoins and this is one of our favorites

n2froggie goes cachin'

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

Your best spot for geocoins and other geocaching items.