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Comet P/2001 MD7 (LINEAR) | Comet 2001 TU80 (LINEAR-NEAT) | Comet 2002C1 (IKEYA-ZHANG) | Comet 2001 K5 (LINEAR) | Comet 2001 A2 (LINEAR) | Comet 2000WM1 (LINEAR) | Comet 19P Borrelly

Images from Sunflower Observatory

Here you'll see images and information pertaining to recently discovered comets imaged by Sunflower Observatory.

All observations at Sunflower Observatory are conducted with a 12" (30cm.) Meade LX-200 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope equipped with an SBIG ST9E CCD camera. Unless otherwise noted all images are taken at F7.2 and oriented North up and East to the left as they appear in the sky.

Most of the research conducted at Sunflower Observatory involves Asteroids. This includes follow up of known asteroids to reduce orbital uncertainty and estimation of rotational period via light curve determination and analysis.

Occasionally, images are taken of recently discovered Supernovae.

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More comet images my be found there or by going directly to:

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Latest comet photo. Comet 2001 MD7 (LINEAR) taken on February 22, 2002.

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February 20, 2002 - Comet 2002 C1 may get brighter than expected

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