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Program Rules

STRING OF PEARLS Branch Monthly Recognition

Level 1 Sales of $350 Receive a small pearl

Level 2 Sales of $650 OR 15% increase of sales from previous year Receive a medium pearl

Level 3 Sales of $1200 Receive a 14kt fluted spacer

When $1500 in cumulative sales are achieved, you will receive an exclusive 30 inch gold necklace for stringing your pearls.

Bonus Level

Receive medium or large pearls (your choice) for special functions. For example: attending Region meetings, Basket Bee, LEAP Training, Presentation Pizzazz and others may be announced.

Sponsoring Recognition 1st Recruit - Receive an exclusive gold Market Basket Charm (recruit must qualify in 30 days. 2nd Recruit - Receive an exclusive Star Charm Holder pin and a floating pearl star charm. If recruit qualifies in 30 days, receive 2 additional floating pearl charms. 3rd Recruit - Become an MBA, receive an exclusive brass tagged MBA Basket.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Monthly Sales Achievers Receive a brass basket weave.


Sales of $12,000.00 or 50 Shows Receive an exclusive "Branch Excellence" Basket

Gold Market Basket Charm can also be earned at 1998-99 year-end awards with total sales of $15,000.00

Sponsor 2 Recruits Receive an exclusive "Branch Sponsoring Excellence Basket"

Monthly Consistency Sales of $500.00 Receive 4 Large or Medium Pearls (your choice)

Nancy Redick
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Mason City, IA 50401
United States

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