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NGC 1337

Here is an image of NGC 1337 in Eridanus. This image was taken October 25, 1998 and is a 600 second exposure using an ST7 CCD camera on a 10" (25cm.) LX200.

NGC 1337 is described in The Deep Sky Field Guide as SB(s)cd II-III. This means it is an open barred spiral with an S-shaped inner ring and is of average brightness.

This particular image has been rendered in false color to bring out some of the faint disruption to the south end (bottom) of the galaxy. Similar disruption is shown at the top, but not quite as dramatic.

I also noticed what appears to be a bulge on the mag 10.9 bright star in the lower right of the frame. This bulge is not an imaging artifact, because none of the other stars show similar drift. I did not notice this when I took the image and do not know what it is.

Other information about NGC 1337:

Location: RA 03 28.1 DEC -08 23

Size: 5.0 x 1.4 minutes

Position angle: 145

Description: Faint nucleus with dark lane, two main, filamentary, spiral arms.

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