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KCPT Opportunity Forum

Nick Reuss has a new cell phone finally! The number is 913-963-7788. It is a free call from KC. Everyone needs to call him right now to see if he answers!

Anyway, I called him and got some fabulous news!

Nick said he got a call from KCPT, the Public Television channel here in Kansas City and they told him if the ASKC would donate stuff for their fund raiser auction that they would give us 30 min of commercial TV time for the ASKC for every $75 we donate.

Why don't we donate some of the workshop scopes and value them at $400 each and get several one minute spots to advertise the ASKC and our Public NIght programs at Powell Observatory. We could use this opportunity to announce we are open every weekend for either every Friday or every Saturday night or both and really boost attendance and membership.

If we made a one minute ASKC video tape commercial we could use it there as well as give out copies to all the TV stations for their public service announcements. We could also give copies to schools, communicty groups, etc. What a way to publicize our club.

KCPT told Nick that they typicall reach 60,000 homes with each spot they run. What an audience. I bet a few of us could build five or six scopes in a weekend. The return could be incredible in terms of public night donations and new members.

What is your opinion and what are your ideas? Please email me your thoughts and I will post them on a new web page at

My email is

Larry Robinson

From: "David Young"
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 19:36:20 -0600

I think the scope idea is a great one. A $400 valuation might be pushing it a bit but what the hell.What does Bob Haler sell his for? I think $300 would be more appropriate. Maybe $325 with an eyepiece? I already have 3 of the nice pre-assembled bases. I'll donate them and the pipe for the tubes. The focusers cost me about $22 each from my Canadian supplier and the mirrors sets are about $70 from Orion. The assembled bases are $45 each from Larry Welling ( A KAOS member). Miscellaneous hardware, silicon and paint would add $3 as a guess. The first 3 could be produced for $95 each and $140 each for each additional scope. This is without an eyepiece. We could scout the internet for some eyepiece deals. We should be able to pick up decent eyepieces for $20 each. I have the hole saw, measurements and other stuff for building the things but I am not a precision craftsman. If this idea flys I'll be very willing to help out at a "build some scopes" party at Powell. If you want high quality you better have someone other than a mark with chalk, cut with torch guy like me to put these things together. Maybe a "chit" with each scope for a private night at Powell for the scope buyers. All chits good for one night on the same night of our choosing. That could up the asking price to $350! That would give us advertising time at a rate of $70 per minute. I wonder if our time be in the 1:30 AM slot or scattered around a bit?

Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 20:21:17 -0600
From: David Hudgins
Subject: Re: KCPT Opportunity

Larry, sounds like an opportunity. But surely they said 30 SECONDS of TV time per $75 donation? Dave

opps. yes 30 sec, not 30 minutes!