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Hour glassing of fiberglass boxes


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Hour glassing of fiberglass boxes
Strongwell Quazite Large Box Solution
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These are some pictures of the a 4 x 8 foot fiberglass box in use by the local telephone company.  Side pressure causes the sides of the box to push in and pinch the covers.  It is hard to get the cover sections out and then impossible to get them back in.  Consequently you see alot of them around with cover sections only partially in the box.


This box has only been in for a year and it is impossible to get the cover on all the way due to side wall pinching.


Apparently the plan here was to replace the bad box with a new one.  However, the job must have looked pretty major so the replacement box has sat here for over a year.  I drive by it two or three times a week on the way to the store.  I live a few blocks away.  The new box has pinched covers too.


Here is another one on the other side of town with the same problem.


Here is one of two pinched boxes in a nearby city that the telephone company filed a formal complaint on with the manufacturer.  Their solution was to come in and excavate around the box and install two steel threaded screw jacks to push the sides out.  The jacks were left in the boxes permanently. 


The manufacturer must know they still have a problem with this since they are shipping brand new boxes with wooden tongue depressors in the lip to keep the banding from pinching the covers before the box is installed.  Of course, after the box is installed the problem belongs to the customer.

Strongwell Quazite does not have these problems due to their superior design.